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GiGi Hill Bags

Address: 19713 Yorba Linda Blvd
Yorba Linda, CA, United States
Phone: (877) 551-5111
(877) 551-5111

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Gigi Hill’s stylish, functional handbags are designed for the runways of real life, and are creating real business opportunities for women nationwide.

Gigi Hill grew from a connection Gabrielle DeSantis-Cummings and Monica Hillman made on a Southern
California soccer field, two moms who got to talking and realized there had to be a better handbag for their busy lives.

Gigi Hill’s bags are for women who expect style but aren’t willing to sacrifice function or pay crazy prices. These are high-quality, versatile bags they can take to the beach or the boardroom, with standout fabrics and a practical pocket design.

The bags’ interiors are just as stylish and surprising as their exteriors. For example, imagine a cotton canvas weekend bag in pink and black stripe, with an interior fully lined in black and white paisley oilcloth. Plus, inside a Gigi Hill bag, there’s a space for everything important. The pockets can store water bottles, sunglasses, pens, files, diapers, cable cords, lipstick, and more with an inside zipper pocket offering extra privacy. A key fob means you won’t waste precious minutes rummaging through your belongings, and a bottom support lets the bag sit up nicely.

Our passion is ensuring that our product fulfills our company promise. Our promise? To give our customers a lifestyle piece that delivers exactly how they intend it to. And we are happy to report that our customers consistently tell us that they love the Gigi Hill bags they purchase. Just ask them. They will talk about our bags as they talk about a dear trusted friend; one to be counted on and to never let you down.

We set out to start in direct sales, and we are definitely committed to direct sales,” DeSantis-Cummings said. “We set out to create a business that can launch the careers of other women, whether they are creating a part-time income or supplementing a full-time income.”

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"Live Smart, Live Stylish, Live Gigi Hill!"

Join Gigi Hill for an opportunity to be one of our 20 Founding Leaders and our first 500 Stylists nationwide!

Gigi Hill represents the new generation of direct sellers. The bags are available primarily through home parties led by Stylists who earn an instant 25 percent commission on sales. Stylists who then build their own teams become leaders who earn commission on those sales as well. Leaders can advance to even greater earnings as Style Directors. No special skills are required to become a successful Stylist, just enthusiasm and a belief in Gigi Hill products.

Discover what you can do!
Gabrielle DeSantis-Cummings
Gigi Hill